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Artisan shortbread cookies filled with jam. Cut-out shortbreads done up to look like miniature friars – robe and all – dipped in dark chocolate.  Seasonal platters that hold these, plus biscotti and traditional Italian cookies.

Fat Friar Cookies

Our homemade cookies are freshly baked in small batches using only premium ingredients. Real dark chocolate, pure cane sugars and 100% real butter are a few things you will find in our handmade cookies. Fat Friar cookies are not like some machine-driven cookie. With our homemade cookies you can actually taste the ingredients we use in every bite …


Our Selection:

Shortbread: Plain or Chocolate-dipped

Shortbread Linzer Tarts: Raspberry, Apricot, Strawberry, or Lemon filled

Seasonal Items: Italian Cookie Platters